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Global reach

US corn, global super brands, vitamins from China, French mega retailers, global beverage producers, Philippine fast food chains, and Norwegian fishing companies are all linked in a truly global business. Your production, be it citric acid or cellulose, is affected by decisions made by your upstream suppliers and the restaurant chain half way around the world.

You need to know what is happening in consumer consumption trends, mergers and acquisitions, palm oil supply, nutraceuticals, and plant expansions, not just in your region, but globally and on a real-time basis. We analyse the business news where ever food growers, processors, and retailers operate around the world.

It is easy to spend hours online trying to see what is happening in the food and beverage sectors, identifying new trends and innovations, researching competitors’ strategies – sometimes for no real result. Subscribing to FLEXNEWS will bring you all the latest news and information quickly, easily, and via email and one easy-to-access site.

Business-critical questions

What is the latest private equity investment in the food sector? Who is selling their seafood division? Who is building a food additive plant in China? Why is my competitor expanding vitamin production in India? Which is the right company to buy my frozen food division? What is the newest flavour additive in the snack sector? How is the latest trade dispute going to affect sugar prices? Will port strikes halt my vitamin deliveries from China to the US? Need to be briefed on today’s Global Food Industry news? Will EU food safety regulations change? Is the restaurant market in Asia growing? Is there a new food distributor in South America? Who is partnering to develop new ingredients? Who has developed a new cocoa processing technology? Why are my competitors, suppliers and customers better informed?

What we cover; the key influencers of profitability

  • Food safety regulations

  • Convenience foods

  • Innovation of global brands

  • Commodity price volatility

  • Multinational retailers

  • Affluence in developing nations

  • Organic health trends

  • Global financial turmoil

  • Contamination/recalls

  • Competitive positioning

  • Food chain environmental costs

  • Private labels

  • Consumer – changing trends

  • Carbon emission costs

  • Trade barriers

  • Zero packaging waste

Our company

FLEXNEWS is part of AgriBriefing (www.AgriBriefing.com), a global company specialising in news, data, pricing, insight and establishing professional networks for the global food and agribusiness sectors.

Global feed industry newswire Feedinfo News Service is a parallel service for the animal nutrition business. It is the leading news reference in that industry with the same dedication to breaking news, research and interviews, and can be found at www.feedinfo.com

We also run a specialist agricultural commodity website, www.Agrimoney.com, which is available via subscription, and in the USA, the proteins market is covered by our sister newswire service, www.ubcomtell.com.

More than 500,000 food and agribusiness professionals across 150 countries rely on our information services to make critical business decisions. Our products are market leaders with a long history, some dating back to the 1860s, founded on providing essential news, data and market information and proud to do the same today.