Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America has announced the upcoming purchase of a 50.1% equity stake in More Than Gourmet Holdings, Inc, a U.S.-based manufacturer of French sauces and stocks primarily for food service and restaurant customers.

“In the U.S. food service and restaurant market, the popularity of liquid seasonings (stocks, broths, and sauces, etc.) is increasing in comparison to powdered seasonings due to their convenience for in-store preparation and their high-quality image. In addition, there have been notable moves by food ingredients manufacturers to shift their business models through collaborative efforts with liquid seasonings manufacturers,” explained Ajinomoto in a statement released today. The company intends to profit from MTG’s sales channels and experience in menu customization.

Currently, 100% of More Than Gourmet Holdings, Inc. is held by Culinary Group Holdings. Ajinomoto plans to maintain the existing management structure of the sauce company, which employs around 50 people.