Last year, mailbox snack kit company launched on Kickstarter and has gone from strength to strength since then. The kits bring all the pre-measured ingredients for healthy, ready-to-make snacks direct to your door.

FLEXNEWS caught up with Victoria Prince, Managing Director of Energy Ball Recipes, in an exclusive interview to hear more about the company, its mission and its future plans.

The origins of Energy Ball Recipes started in earnest about 5 years ago when Victoria was looking for ways to reduce sugar intake and curb sweet cravings, “I started making energy balls myself then blogging about it with a view to helping other people. The snacks are naturally sweet with the sugar coming from dates or maple syrup.”

Publishing free recipes on the internet generated a lot of interest and “conversations” around the recipes. The concept for a snack kit formed after using a couple of meal kit services such as Hello Fresh and Gusto, and seeing Graze (a subscription snack box with no preparation involved). “Looking around I realised there is no hybrid, nothing in the middle that gives you the ingredients and tells you how to make energy balls.”

“Having had a few years of making energy balls myself, then making the blog, I was already doing it and the market was going that way. It was the next natural step which fell in line with trends that were changing.”

“I put a team together, we developed the concept, got the box designed and launched it on Kickstarter in July 2018. We raised over GBP 2,700 in pre-sales and went into production after that. The recipe changes every month for the Customer who are on subscription with us.”

The product, Victoria says, has come out of a desire to share her passion for nutrition and help consumers be more aware of what they eat and how it can make a difference to their bodies. “The product taps into so many trends including subscription, vegan, gluten-free, the transparency of ingredients. Also, people being more aware and more conscious of what they’re eating.”

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